Revel Sales & Labor Integration


Streamline labor management and move points in your business with the revolutionary integration of labor, and real-time sales from your POS.

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Manage Labor Costs

Seeing projected vs. actual sales and labor drives business judgement

Dolce makes it simple, by integrating scheduling, timekeeping,
and real-time sales, in one place.

Schedule to your budget / Sync sales to compare actual

Enter Projections based on trends, weather, and events.
View Actual sales from your POS, and labor, against Projections.

Streamline Workflow & Save Time

Schedule in Minutes

A simple, best-of-category scheduling tool.
Intelligent cut/paste based on availability and competency.
Multi department/locations on a single screen.

Review & Correct Time Punches, Real-time, from the Schedule

View time punches next to their corresponding shifts.
Reduce time spent correcting time cards by up to 90%.
And eliminate timekeeping errors.

"With Dolce we've cut the time we spend scheduling, correcting time cards, and overseeing our labor budget by at least half. It is an indispensable tool."

Matt Snyder, De'Laurenti Seattle, Owner

Get Ahead of Labor Laws

We've made Labor Compliance a Breeze

Upon clock-out, employees validate breaks taken or provided.
A historic file is kept, transparent to both employer and employee.
An optional setting requires managers to be engaged at clock-out,
if a break-violation has occurred.

Simplify Payroll

Press the Button. You're Done!
State-specific Overtime & Breaks, Multi-Location, Multi-Wage
End-to-End Gratuity: from POS to Payroll
Combine Credit Card Gratuity from your POS, with Cash Gratuity.
Rapid Sort, and Save to Payroll!


Everyone Participates

Messaging | All Company Dashboards | Mobile App

Schedules, Events, Availability (present & future), Shift Trades,
View Every Time-Punch - Dialogue and Adjust

10 Employees to 10,000 - We Fit

Getting Started

We've Made it Simple!

We set up your company - from your Upserve POS employee data
Administrators & employees are guided with personalized tutorials
And We're Here to Help!

Pricing is Simple & Scalable

$50 per month - includes 15 employee

Additional employees $3 /month

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